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How We Can Help Your Business

SEO Web Design

Because we understand the importance of not only establishing a website presence but also the need to be found in search engines, we provide high-quality website packages that are also fully search-engine optimized to give you the organic search presence you need for your company’s particular niche.
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Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO consulting services include a site analysis and keyword research. We then develop realistic optimization strategies based on your company’s goals and an understanding of the highest potential for each landing page on the site, along with a reasonable time frame for noticeable results.
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Content Marketing

We provide optimized content for your landing pages to promote each of your specific products or services. This ensures each page is made search-engine friendly and optimized with certain keywords, the right amount of content, and meets the informational needs of your web visitors.
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Email Marketing

Services include helping you select the best online email marketing platform, creating email templates, setting up email distribution, and list management. We offer two types of service plans: email marketing account setup and full-service email campaign handling.
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Database Design

Is your company working off of Excel spreadsheets for tracking your sales or customers? You’ve done it this way because you’re familiar with spreadsheets but don’t know how to implement a better solution. We can help you move away from such a cumbersome system and implement a solution to manage your data that’s as easy as spreadsheets to update and maintain.
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Online Bookkeeping

Services include management of your bookkeeping account on QuickBooks Online, Wave Accounting, Xero, or spreadsheets; setting up payroll services and tax reporting; and managing your company's 1099 contractors. We can also set you up with a cash flow projections spreadsheet where you can see how your money is being spent and plan for your financial needs in the future.
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Our Strategic Partners

Our partners support your business ventures by providing you with the guidance, tools, mindset, and work environment you need to succeed.

Do you have a great business idea but lack the skills, tools and mindset to get a company off the ground? Or have you started a business in the last 18 months and are starting to realize you need additional skills or infrastructure to take your business to the next level?

Whether you’re seeking a supportive business coach with a proven process or an amazing community of supporters (or both!), Rachel Lubchansky, owner of REL Impact, offers the tools and guidance you need to achieve your business-building goals.
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Kari Knutson, owner of Knutson Speaks, provides personal and professional development coaching packages for business owners to work on specific areas of growth. Each coaching session is personalized to match the goals of the client. The aim of Kari’s coaching sessions is to get clients to their desired outcome as quickly as possible — maximizing potential, playing to their strengths, using insight, learning strategies, and practicing new skills sets are all ways to reach their goals. Learn more »

Are you energized when you walk into your office or store on Monday morning and see a space ready for work? Does your space radiate positive energy and feel harmonious? Does your environment support you and express who you are?

It is the goal of Lorrie Grillo, owner of Thriving Spaces,  to share with clients the power of Feng Shui so they can answer YES wholeheartedly to all of these questions!
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