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SEO Consulting

Measurable results

Linda Anderson, founder of Azure Web Works, has worked with search engine optimization (SEO) tactics since the dawn of the internet and has helped small business clients see noticeable improvement in their visibility in web searches, leading to increased customer interest and sales conversions.

Because of our overall applied marketing strategies, one of our clients experienced a 900% increase in visitors and nearly tripled sales from website inquiries. Another client went from a little over 500 visitors per month to more than 2,500.

Scope of services

Our SEO consulting services include a site analysis to determine where your site’s landing pages currently rank, how much traffic each page is getting, and what keywords are already in use. We then develop realistic optimization strategies based on your goals and an understanding of the highest potential for each landing page on the site, along with a reasonable time frame for noticeable results.

Some additional site services along with SEO tactics may be needed to help increase conversions. If you successfully lead people to your site, but they feel lost in your web pages’ jargon, find your site difficult to navigate, or get frustrated with popups, poorly written content, or broken forms, your company’s SEO investment may get little return for its money.

Realistic goal setting

We don’t make empty promises about the amount of new business your company will experience or getting your site to #1 in Google’s search results. Organic SEO (as opposed to search engine marketing [SEM] or paid ads) usually takes considerable time and effort — realistically one year or even longer — and is influenced by a number of complex factors, such as keywords that may have high competition, the number of inbound links, and the type of content published on the site. Imagine if every competitor’s website were optimized the same way with the same keywords — it’s impossible for every single one to be at the very top of page one! We do, however, assess the circumstances affecting the ability to increase a client’s web presence and develop ways to make each site stand out above the rest based on its own unique appeal.

Because SEO is a long-term strategy, implementing an SEO consulting plan works best over the long term — six months or longer to get the full benefits. Monthly check-ins and analyses will serve to help boost rankings when any adjustments are needed based on performance in search engine results and feedback reports from search engines such as Google.

Service areas

Our main service areas include Denver Metro, Boulder, and Fort Collins, but we also work with clients all across the country, depending on the needs and circumstances of the project.

Project costs

Beyond the packages below, SEO consulting services are billed on an hourly basis at $45/hour.

SEO Service Plans

Six-Month Starter Packages

Includes performance review, adjustments to optimization for continued improved placement, and SEO link building

Total cost shown covers a period of six months (not per month)

Basic Plan

Up to 5 pages


Per six-month period

Intermediate Plan

Up to 10 pages


Per six-month period

Comprehensive Plan

Up to 15 pages


Per six-month period

Custom Plan

More than 15 pages

Get a Quote

Per six-month period

Breakdown of Services

Establishing SEO Services

  • Google Analytics and Search Console setup
  • Site structure and keyword analysis
  • Keyword research for each landing page – services, blogs posts, and ecommerce product pages
  • Assess duplicate content
  • Set up any necessary WordPress SEO plugins
  • Analysis of internal linking and sitemap
  • On-page SEO of essential landing pages
  • Geotargeting for local traffic
  • Page redirects
  • Broken link checks
  • Site recommendations and enhancements based on Google’s quality guidelines to improve ranking
  • Keyword tracking spreadsheet
  • Monthly site traffic history report
  • XML sitemaps
  • Recommended keyphrases for future blog posts
  • Build domain authority by external link building

Options for Ongoing Maintenance

  • Analysis of Google reports
  • Ongoing keyword recommendations for new blog content and product/service page
  • Assess duplicate content
  • On-page SEO of new landing pages and blog posts 
  • Analyze performance of previously optimized content and provide any necessary adjustments to content based on findings
  • Ensure optimal internal linking of new content
  • Perform broken link checks and fix as necessary
  • Create any necessary page redirects
  • Maintain monthly site traffic history report
  • Maintain keyword tracking spreadsheet
  • XML sitemaps
  • Build domain authority by external link building
  • Generate client’s monthly SEO insights report; includes insights into traffic patterns, Google SERP placement of landing pages, and work performed
I refer to Linda as a "web ninja" for her ability to create and implement cost-effective online and digital marketing strategies that translate into immediate improvements in bottom line results. She brings a laser focus to the task of quantifying the most important outcomes and identifying the right tools and technology to implement the appropriate solution.

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